Moving From New York to Chicago: Tips on Planning

With over 700 miles between the two cities, Moving from New York to Chicago is not as easy as a local move. This also means that the stress of moving is exponentially higher if you don’t plan accordingly. The good news is that it’s been done before, so you can learn from the experience of others and make sure that you get all your bases covered to try and get the smoothest long-distance moving experience.

1. Plan Way Ahead

Since you’re moving across state lines, things are a lot more complicated. You’ll have to get used to new rules and regulations as well as weather and a host of other things. With hundreds of miles between them, it’ll take the entire day just to drive one way, this adds complications since you won’t be able to check your new home on a whim. This means that every trip you make to Chicago needs to be intentional and with a purpose.

Make sure that you plan way ahead, from the moment you decide to move you should already be making a list of the things that need to be done. So that when you visit the palace you’re moving into in the Windy City, you already know the layout, dimensions, and what items will or will not fit through the door.

2. Pick The Right Mover

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all relocation, every move is different from another. Even if there are similarities, everyone has their own needs and budget so picking a mover that’s right for you is very important.

Many resources can help you pick between NYC to Chicago movers, but it pays to do your research and make sure that you get personal recommendations. There are many nightmare stories on how long-distance moves can completely change your life for the worse if you don’t get a reputable moving company.

3. Don’t Be Cheap About Boxes

This one is very important because you may think it’s alright to just put everything in cardboard boxes and be done with it. But this is where nightmares are born because you have to remember that your belongings are going to be traveling hundreds of miles in the back of a truck. And even if it’s smoothly paved roads all the way, things can still easily shift and move about inside.

Many moving companies also offer durable moving supplies along with its full services, but you also have the option of going a different route with other hybrid and DIY services that give you more flexibility and control over how things are packed and loaded.

4. Declutter The Unnecessary

Moving long-distance is always a great opportunity to start with a clean slate, the less you bring with you the better and easier it’ll be for you both physically and mentally. Fewer things also mean more savings on the move since it takes less time to load and less space needed so you won’t need a large vehicle or truck than what fits the budget.

Consider donating unnecessary furniture, appliances, and other bulky items so that you don’t need to worry about how to get them to Chicago. This is also why it’s important to measure your new place, that way you have a better idea of things that can never make it there anyway since it won’t fit through the door to benign with.

It’s best to start fresh!

5. Get Organized

Some people hate it, but getting organized is a critical step in moving from the Big Apple to the WIndy city, or for any long-distance move. Take pictures of your inventory and make sure to properly label your boxes. It pays to take note of the first tip and plan way ahead since you might as well start packing ahead of time as well, you’ll be much less stressed as moving day nears.

Make sure your labels are also very specific, otherwise you may still end up in Chicago with boxes on the wrong rooms or floors and a confused family wondering where each of their things is in what boxes.

Make sure you know what you are moving!

Overall moving to a new city can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. The goal is to make it more exciting than stressful because it’s a new adventure for the family to experience together.

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